July 1, 2020

Y’ALL! Here we go. Creating this blog has been such an exciting journey. I can’t wait for the days to come. I hope to post a couple times each week with my story, advice/tools to use, and prayer. 

Let me pray over y’all right now… Dear Jesus, sweet Jesus, thank you for this opportunity to share my story. Thank you for all the beautiful eyes reading this post. And thank you for their stories. Because they matter. Each and every one of them. I pray that you would look over this blog and allow it to bring comfort and peace and hope. I pray that you would look over all those searching for hope, help, and answers. Thank you for sending your Son to die on the cross so that we may have new life in you… because that new life gives us new opportunities. Thank you for your overwhelming love. I pray that you would shower it over us all.

It’s in your name we pray.


2 thoughts on “July 1, 2020

  1. I love your bravery and transparency. I look forward to following g your blog and gaining new strength though you.


  2. YOU. I’m so amazed at God’s grace and mercy. You have fought so hard and God has walked beside you every step of the way. He makes all things new! Your pain has NOT been in vain. I have full confidence that through Him, your story will help so many. TELL your story! The world needs to hear it! God is AMAZING and YOU are amazing!


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