Body Image

To all my people struggling with body image today, I’m right there with you. I’m feeling what you’re feeling. I can relate.

Today started off really rough just by looking in the mirror. “I hate myself.” “I’m so fat.” “Why do I look this way?” “Why did God give me this body?” “What can I do to change it?”

These thoughts and questions swirl around in my head. I can’t focus on anything else. Fear grips everything within me. All I can feel is hate towards my body. Can you relate to this? Do you feel the pain of looking in the mirror? If you responded yes to these two questions, my heart goes out to you. Truly, I am sorry.

But I have good news for you… I have some truth. Truth that helped me when I was in my darkest moments. You don’t have to love your body. Yes. That’s right. You heard me. You don’t have to love your body. Start by tolerating it. You can’t love all the parts of you that you have been criticizing for so long over night. It takes time. But you WILL get there.

I so strongly believed that I would never be able to love my body. I was told to start with tolerating it. So that’s what I did.

Tolerate your body… what does it do for you? Start with the basics of this question… it is unique. It keeps you alive. Then build up… What are you grateful for about your body? I can walk. I can laugh. I can communicate with other people. Then go one step further… What do I love about my body? This question still feels like a wall to me at times. But here I am, answering this question… I love my smile, I love that my legs are strong, I love that my body can process what I feed it and give me energy. Boom. Three things I love about my body.

Stop trying to change your body. It loves you. Try to love it back. Your body is unique and God made it in His image. Psalm 139:13 says that He knit you together in your mother’s womb. KNIT!!! That took time and intention. You are not a mistake… Your body is not one either.

It’s okay if today has been a tough day with body image. It’s okay if it’s been a tough month, a tough year. It takes time. But you’ll get there.

Where are you with your body today? This month? This year? Reflect on this. And then ask yourself this… How can I be kind to myself today? How can I begin the journey to loving my body?

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