When my mental health went downhill, I did NOT think I was struggling… especially with the eating. I thought I was fine. I thought it was normal. I didn’t think I needed help. I didn’t want help. I was in denial. But, oh, did reaching out SAVE. MY. LIFE.

A lot of the time, mental health is looked down upon. So when we struggle with it, we don’t want to face it. We’re in denial. Sometimes even our parents, friends, and/or loved ones are in denial too. No one wants to be hurting. And no one wants to face the hurting when it’s something that is stigmatized- like mental health.

But what if we’re diagnosed with cancer? The flu? A broken leg? No one looks down upon these injuries. Mental health illnesses are just the same. Your brain is injured. And just like you may need treatment for cancer, medicine for the flu, and rest and time for a broken leg, you may need all three for your brain. Mental illnesses are deadly too.

It is time we end the stigma against mental health. Mental health is NOT something to be ashamed of. It does NOT make you less of a person. In fact, I believe it is making you stronger.

When I first talked to someone I trusted about what was going on in my life… my eating disorder, my anxiety, my depression… it was terrifying. But I was loved and held through it. Now, it wasn’t all hugs and kisses and understanding. There were tears, fights, DENIAL. But, as an army and as a team, my family and friends and I figured it out. We sought help. We learned about the diseases along the way. We grew stronger together and, today, I am alive because of it.

So… if you are struggling… REACH OUT!!! Do it right now. Text, call, or sit down with someone you trust. It’s hard, I hear you. It’s scary too. But it can save your life. It WILL save your life. You don’t deserve to struggle. You deserve help and care and love. Believe me… it IS worth it.

I love you and am here for you. Reach out to me if you need a friend, someone to relate to, someone to confide in. I am here. And I am here to help.

Remember this… you are loved. You are worthy. You deserve help. And mental health is NOT shameful. Reach out. Seek help. You deserve to heal.

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