Life Journey

My coach loves a good track analogy! The one she shared with me the other day may have changed my life and how I look at every circumstance.

There are lanes on every track. Whether that be one lane or nine, it doesn’t matter. And the lane that you are running in is yours… It doesn’t matter what is happening in the lanes around you… you run YOUR race. Sure, races are more complex than that and you have to know what your competitors are doing. But, for this analogy, we’re keeping it simple. And in the end, your race is your race.

Just like you run in your lane and nobody else’s lane, you live YOUR life… nobody else’s life. Comparison IS the thief of all joy. I’ll say it again… Comparison is the thief of all joy. That’s not my quote but it’s true. I get it, comparison is hard. There are so many people around to compare to and look at. But there is so much freedom in living your life, at your pace.

God has a plan for YOUR life. A perfect one for your good. It may seem up and down and all around when you’re going day to day, but, that life plan… it has a Creator and that Creator thinks His plan is perfect.

Run in your lane. It doesn’t matter what others are doing around you. You get to live at your pace, in your lane. And that WILL look different from others’ lane and pace. And that’s okay. Nobody’s life is the same. And your life story will be a good one.

Who are you trying to live like? Where are you at with comparison? How can you be kind to yourself and allow for a life in your own lane?

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