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I hope my online journal and blog posts can bring resources, tools, coping skills, love, hope, and relation to any struggle.

NEDA Week 2022

February 21st – 27th!!! National Eating Disorder Awareness week. I don’t want to talk about the nitty gritty of the disease. We discuss that a lot. What I do want to focus on is HOPE!!! Why focus on all the darkness when you can focus on the light… The only thing that can overcome darkness…Continue reading “NEDA Week 2022”


“Now, most people would not be willing to die for an upright person, though someone might perhaps be willing to die for a person who is especially good. But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.“ Romans 5:7-8 If I’m being completely honest,Continue reading “Perfection”

Life Update!!

Hi friends!! Life has been crazy busy, but so very sweet! This post is going to consist of a few crucial life milestones and an answer to this question: “Do you still have eating disorder thoughts?” I’ve missed writing and sharing things with y’all. My prayer for this new season of my life, which IContinue reading “Life Update!!”


This week, February 22-26, 2021, is National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) week. Why should we care to spread awareness? Because there is HOPE that recovery is possible and HELP is available!! People struggling need to hear this, and people who know others that are struggling need to be educated on how to help. Eating disordersContinue reading “NEDA Week”

New Year, New Me??

I recently posted this on Instagram to welcome in 2021: 1/3/2021 Wise words from my pastor at church this morning: “success” in life is faithfulness to Him, faithfulness to each other, and faithfulness to His mission. 2021… a new year. what are we feeling? are we weeping or rejoicing (Ezra 3:11-13)? I invite you toContinue reading “New Year, New Me??”

They Loved Me

These two. My parents. Wow, wow, wow. What special people. What blessings. I seriously could not be more thankful for them and their love and support. I was recently asked what the best thing my parents did for me during the past year was. So I thought I’d share a little about how my parentsContinue reading “They Loved Me”

Dear God

“Dear God, “I think I’ll dress up today… just in case you have something special in mind. “Every morning when you push the covers back, you’re ripping the wrapper off a shiny, new present, a day not quite like any other you’ve ever lived before or like any you’ll live again. Somehow, God never getsContinue reading “Dear God”

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom… the lowest possible level. Have any of you been there? I sure have. If you are feeling like your life is at rock bottom right now, or if you have ever reached the life low, I have a quote for you. “Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom in order for Jesus to showContinue reading “Rock Bottom”

Christian Warfare

Spiritual warfare. A real thing that we fight every. single. day. Satan has one goal… to bring Christians down in any way he can. Satan is constantly at work, but his schemes WILL come to nothing when we stand against him with the power of our God. God has equipped us to fight these battles.Continue reading “Christian Warfare”

Life Journey

My coach loves a good track analogy! The one she shared with me the other day may have changed my life and how I look at every circumstance. There are lanes on every track. Whether that be one lane or nine, it doesn’t matter. And the lane that you are running in is yours… ItContinue reading “Life Journey”


When my mental health went downhill, I did NOT think I was struggling… especially with the eating. I thought I was fine. I thought it was normal. I didn’t think I needed help. I didn’t want help. I was in denial. But, oh, did reaching out SAVE. MY. LIFE. A lot of the time, mentalContinue reading “Denial”


Today marks 18 years of life for me. Today is a day of lots of reflection on this past year. It has been tough. There has been so much darkness… there were times where I didn’t think I would see 18, and, quite frankly, didn’t care if I saw 18. But I’m oh so gladContinue reading “Eighteen”

Society and Social Media

Society today has a huge impact on how we view ourselves and our lives. Especially social media. Does anyone else scroll through their feed and feel worse and worse about themselves and their lives as they go? I did. Until I realized this- social media doesn’t display someone’s true day to day life, emotions, circumstances,Continue reading “Society and Social Media”

Body Image

To all my people struggling with body image today, I’m right there with you. I’m feeling what you’re feeling. I can relate. Today started off really rough just by looking in the mirror. “I hate myself.” “I’m so fat.” “Why do I look this way?” “Why did God give me this body?” “What can IContinue reading “Body Image”


See this smile? I haven’t smiled this big in a long time. When you have an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, or any kind of mental health illness, life is debilitating. You just have no energy. Everything is harder. There were days where I couldn’t even muster up enough strength to brush my teeth. That’s justContinue reading “Freedom”

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is scary. For me, this looks like straying away from being so rigid with my meal plan… It means allowing myself to eat more than what my meal plan requires… eating what I want to eat and eating what sounds good even if I’m not necessarily hungry. Emotional eating can be eating comfortContinue reading “Emotional Eating”

Vacations Can be Hard

This is my view tonight. Which means vacation. Which, for me, means higher levels of anxiety and discomfort… in my body and emotionally. Does anyone relate to this? Vacations are hard. Especially with an eating disorder. The food is different, you’re out of your routine, you may even have to face body image exposures. InContinue reading “Vacations Can be Hard”

To All My Athletes

To all my athletes out there. Coach/athlete relationships can be so hard to navigate. For me, I had coaches who commented on my body, commented on the food I was eating… Saying things that were NOT appropriate. Such as, “You didn’t run fast enough to earn the right to each cheese.” Or even to theContinue reading “To All My Athletes”

If You Struggle…

Raise your hand if you struggle… Yep. I see you, I see you, I see you. And I see me too. Today I’m struggling with shame. I woke up and I just felt the heaviness on my chest. Do you ever feel like your struggles are your fault? Me too. But these are Satan’s lies.Continue reading “If You Struggle…”

July 1, 2020

Y’ALL! Here we go. Creating this blog has been such an exciting journey. I can’t wait for the days to come. I hope to post a couple times each week with my story, advice/tools to use, and prayer.  Let me pray over y’all right now… Dear Jesus, sweet Jesus, thank you for this opportunity toContinue reading “July 1, 2020”

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